Wow. Minus 17 this morning here in Prince Rupert. If your house/apartment has less than adequate insulation perhaps you should run your cold water taps a bit to avoid frozen pipes.

-33 here. The wind stopped though. -38 with the wind factor yesterday, had to smoke between the double doors in a parka and hat. Not a soul out shopping so it didn’t matter.
Spent the day explaining why no one was going to cut/splice/run outdoor network wire.

man, that is cold! wicked

My sympathies. The coldest I’ve ever seen was in Illinois back in 1979. Minus 47 F. I went outside that morning just to see what it was like. In a metro area of 250,000 people, it was totally quite.

Here on the Oregon coast, we got gale force wind and rain all day today and tomorrow too. See? … thod=flash

I’m going to the beach. :smile:


It is about -22 (-32 with the windchill) here in Terrace this morning, the dog went out to pee and came right back in without doing it. It is nice to see the sun however.

I was just in Rainforest Books to pick up a book to pass the cold evenings and was told that they are doing deliveries for people!! If you have an order in or they have the book you are wanting in stock just give them a call and they will deliver it to you!! You either have to pay by credit card when you call in or have the cash there for when it is delivered!!
Wow!! Only in smaller cities can you get great service like this!!! I will definitely be calling them when I am done this book!! Thanks Rainforest Books!!!

I am not looking forward to the gas I will inevitably have to purchase near prince george tomorrow. -45 fuck sakes what kind of hell do we live in?

A frozen one. A cold day in hell. Hell has frozen over.


A frozen one. A cold day in hell. Hell has frozen over.[/quote]

Are you saying prince george is hell? because I tend to agree.

Images? I got images… … h_hell.jpg … e-over.jpg … 798734.jpg



You know it is cold when…

Snowmobile drag races here Jan. 26th. We were starting to shit bricks with the above zero weather last week. It’s a rule in Fort St. James that no matter what you plan and when, the weather will do it’s best not to cooperate.
The carnival even gave up on this dump long ago. Was always -25 and howling wind the end of April.
Soon as there’s enough snow it gets too cold to ski or snowmobile.

Well, the storm is here. Holy crap! Everything is in motion. Hurricane force.Winds are currently about 50mph and 80mph expected later.

I’m still going to the beach, but the beach may not be there.

Should lose power anytime…


Minus 18 in PR this morning. I can’t remember the last time it was this cold here.

Woke up to -36.
Nasty. They cancelled the windchill warning though. It was threatening -47. Williams Lake made -39 today.
My sister’s griping about “bone chilling” -4 in Abbotsford.
My mini truck is finally ready after a $2600 engine rebuild, but no way I’m gonna break it bringing it home today. It can stay in the shop a couple more days.

Windchill was at -42 here this morning, but it’s warmed up to -39 since then. My car hesitated, and didn’t really want to start, even though it was plugged in all night.

Daughter in Terrace said her water pipes were frozen this morning.
Mechanic told me not to even think of bringing the mini truck home in this cold. “Probably snap the springs the minute you sit yer fat arse in it”

Just heard on global news that Prince Rupert set a record at -21.1 degrees. Previous was -18 in the 60’s.