Browser stats

It’s been a few months since I looked into this, but here are the browser stats for HTMF for the last 3 months.

Internet Explorer is just above 50% 

We need to convert a few more people to Firefox to get it above IE!

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Don’t you mean internet Exploder ?  YUK!!

I was about to say chalk one up for Opera, but when I view this very page there’s no REPLY button! Opera only gives me GO UP on the bottom left and PRINT on the bottom right.

Fire Fox all the way for me.  :smiley:

So, firefox is better than Netscape or what?  IE does suck…

Fire Fox is a very good browser that picks up less spyware than IE6.  I think you’d like Fire Fox.

You can download Fire Fox here: