Broken Glass

Took the dog for a walk this past Saturday and Sunday, from CHSS to the hospital, all around downtown, along the waterfront then home.
Never seen so much garbage on the streets and empty lots, but the worst is all the broken glass you see. Broken bottles on sidewalks, side streets, in front of several bars and even at the benchs at city hall, next to a garbage can.
Those responsible should learn more respect, it will make you feel better about yourself too.

That could maybe become a good job for kids doing their community hours but then again would they be taking away work from the city works crew, do not want to mess with unions. But yes I agree it is some bad when one takes a walk throughout town and one does see the rubbish and broken glass, I have said to the mayor that when the cruise ships get going once again and people walk around they see this shit, takes pictures of the shit and share it with friends and relatives, tourist will talk and tourist will dwindle.

Your right about that, just got in from a two hour walk through the hiking trails with my pup and there is broken glass everywhere, tons of it in mclymont dog park. I am going to bring a bag and gloves tomorrow if the weather isnt too bad and try to pick up as much of it as i can before someone’s dog cuts themselves, if we all do a little bit as we are out for our daily walks with our pets in a week or two there should be a noticable difference. I see anyone breaking glass down there and theyre gonna get the hardest bitchslap they have ever had along with public exposure, inconsiderate pricks!
      There can only be one motive breaking glass in a dog park or walking trail, in a perfect world we would see them do it and be allowed to smash another bottle over the top of their selfish skulls, then make them clean up the both of them. I’m gonna make sure I have my camera with me at all times so if can see someone do it I can photograph them in the act and forward it to the snooze and everyone I can think of to expose the asshole and guilt/shame them into not doing it again. The city needs to provide garbage cans in these areas as there isnt any I have seen, I just carry any garbage with me till I’m home but you can bet yer boots what the average young teen will do with their wrappers and bottles if they dont see a garbage can. I used to think it was great thing having the trails developed so the were easier to walk through but now I am wondering if they were better the way they were twenty years ago, was alot tougher walking but no garbage and very rare to actually come across someone else, now you cannot walk ten feet without seeing ciggarette butts and gum wrappers. It seems strange to have someone appreciate nature enough to want to be down there but not enough to carry their garbage home, makes no sense to me.

I agree that there is a lot of garbage around Rupert but it’s not any different than any other city I’ve lived in.  One thing that Rupert has WAY more of than any other place I’ve lived in is dog crap all over the place including on sidewalks, hiking trails,  and even right downtown in front of stores.  Never in my life have I seen so many irresponsible dog owners allowing their dogs to crap right in front of you in the middle of a sidewalk then keep on going like it’s acceptable.  Oh and let’s not forget the nice grass area we take our kids to down at the waterfront.  There are bags provided right there yet dog crap all over the place!?!?!?