Brodeur sets a new win record for a goaltender against Chicago.

He cut the net, basketball style, as a keepsake.

it was easy to see he was gonna break it . the real feat is seeing how many more wins he’ll get . great goalie probably hast at least 4-5 years left too lol

Great game for Marty, can’t wait until he gets 4 more shutouts.


Brodeur stats

GP      W    SO
987 552  100

Roy stats

GP      W    SO
1029 551  66

Brodeur has played more then 70 games a season in the last 10 years before his injury this year.  I think for the next 4-5 years, he will be still healthy and prolly will average around 60 games a year.

He is averaging 1 shutout every 5 wins or 1 shutout every 10 games in his career.

the king is richard brodeur lol

Yah like…27 years ago…

Martin Brodeur--------“Brody” “The Door” “Satan’s Wallpaper”  “DevilishStopper”  “Brickwall”  “The Man”

And don’t forget…“The Everlasting Gobstopper”  :smiley: