British Columbia Crown Counsel vs BCLiberals government

Making a bunch of lawyers angry. Smart move!

Check the press release for May 12.

This is one of those area’s in Government where you don’t want to skimp on wages. They are a vital link in the Justice system and attracting good people to those positions is important. Lawyers can make a TON more cash in the private sector, so if the Crown lawyers get treated poorly the good ones will do just that and we’ll be left with a bunch of morons prosecuting the criminals we all want off our streets.


Don’t worry, there won’t be many criminals getting this far anyway, since the BCLiberals have cut policing so much that we’re now the province with the smallest number of police officers per capita in Canada.

they’re all here! and if they can ever do anything about the drunks, wifebeaters, crack dealers and unsolved murders you can have most of them back…