Bring back Peter Puck

I sure miss this little cartoon from back in the day.  Bring back Peter Puck.

Peter Puck is a hockey puck-shaped cartoon character. The puck, whose animated adventures appeared on both NBC’s Hockey Game of the Week and CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada during the 1970s, explained ice hockey rules, equipment and the sport’s history to the home viewing audience. The voice of Peter Puck was provided by Ronnie Schell; the animation was produced by Hanna-Barbera studios. Nine episodes, each approximately three minutes long, were broadcast between periods of NHL hockey games.

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Yes, yes, yes.  I remember those cartoon shorts, in between periods, on HNIC as a kid.  I seem to remember seeing some Peter Puck jerseys and gear available to purchase latly.  If they can bring in a new song, no reason they can’t reintroduce an old hockey icon, unless someone owns the right’s, again.
New contest?
Peter Puck rocks!

Peter’s supposed to be making a comeback, last spring they were working on plans to re-introduce him to the hockey world. … c9c291&p=1

Here to tide you over one of the old episodes…

too bad he didn’t have more of an effect on the US market, some thirty years after Peter, the league seems in worse shape in America than ever.  Though for Canadian hockey fans perhaps their pain will be our gain, eh Hamilton, Quebec, Winnipeg…

Hamilton, what the hell are they going to teach the Cats how to skate or what, not much for the football game so maybe get some ice time in…OK