Brign Mt. Hayes Back to Life!

New event this year in Rupert this year - check it out:

Uh…maybe you mean Mt. Hays?



Aren’t there two ways of spelling hays?

There’s Hays and Hayes.

Being a bunch of traditionalists, we obviously prefer Hays. ;D

Well, I guess you could spell it Haze too.  Or Heys.  The most common spelling of Charles Hays’s name is ‘Hays’ though.

Searched the Canadian Atlas online, and found three possible mountains in BC:

Mount Hayes, north of Duncan:

Mount Hayes, northwest of Whistler:


Mount Hays, on Kaien Island:

I guess you can write it off as just a typo, but if you look at the site linked in the first message, you’ll note they misspelled it all over.

PS: yes, I know I’m a nerd.

I don’t think it’s typos. I think they purposely changed it to Hayes, despite this little bit on their site:

They copy-pasted the history bit, but changed Hays to Hayes in two spots, but left one in there.

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I think I know what’s going on…

They misspelled ‘Hays’ and are now stuck with it.  Probably somebody who was new to town, commissioned all this artwork with the wrong ‘Hayes’ spelling, and spent a lot of money printing stuff up (posters, T-shirts, etc) and designing the website.

I’m sure they realize they’ve misspelled it, but it’s too late.  Too expensive to replace all that stuff they’ve printed.

Their Seafest float was misspelled too.

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I love the T-Shirts they were handing out. “Still wild at 40” I think they said. They handed one to a lady next to me and man was she pissed off. I overheard her say she was only 33. I wonder how many people they insulted along the parade route…lol

I remember one late winter day on hays it was about 1988, sking my ass of with a buddy, we had consumed a little bit of intoxicants on the old hays.  It was mentioned on the T-bar that it was last run of the day.  I was always pushing the envelope and decided that instead of heading towards the gondola, that we would try and weasel one more run.  We were abruptly and rudely told that we were already told last run, too bad.
Well we hiked up to the lodge and decided still we hadnt had enough skiing for the day and that we would ski the face of Hays!!!
We it wasnt very long …maybe a 1/4 of the way down the face the terrain became too much.  We had hit a huge drop!!!  I lost my poles and my buddy lost his skis!!!
We had to now climb down!!!
There was soo much devils club on that mountain I dont think you could see skin on my palms for the devils clubs that had embedded in my palms.
At approx 8pm we could hear snowmobiles, horns people calling our names…we knew wee didnt have far to go then!!!  About 15min later we ended up at the dynamite shack cold, wet embarassed and in deep shit from out parents.
The nice thing was we spent almost 8 weekends in the spring reliving it all in order to find a set of poles and skis.

Mt. Hays , Mt. Hayes, Mt. Hyas, Mt. Hesys

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I guess we should be happy that someone is championing the cause, but I too kind of wish they’d been a little more diligent and spelled the name right.  :neutral_face:  I sent Quickload an email last year pointing it out, but I think by then they’d printed all their stuff and it was too late to correct the error.

I browsed through their site and they’ve corrected most of the ‘Hays’ spelling. Is anybody on HTMF participating in the event?

I just realised this thread is a year old. My bad.