Brad's is OPEN

Welcome to last week hey? Seriously though, BRADS IS OPEN. The best place to get an old fashioned burger in BC.

what are the hours???

I think it’s 11:30 AM to 7:30 pm, and they’re closed mondays.

And they’ve been open for a few weeks I think. I’m pretty sure they opened in march.

I was just there for dinner today.

I think Bubbasteve got the hours correct. By the way, the owner of the place has a brain injury that when I was told about it, astonished me that he could even stand and work like he does. It’s also the reason they close down in the winter (I imagine for other reasons as well).

Definitely will be spending a few bucks at this great Ma and Pa resteraunt. :smile:

Brad’s is a classic!

Will certainly be going out there a few times this spring and summer!