You know what’s weird about bowling? How everyone loves it, but no one does it. That’s true, at least, for my circle of friends.

Anytime a bunch of people are looking for something to do on a Friday/Saturday night, the topic of bowling comes up. Everyone talks about how awesome it is, but also about how they haven’t done it in forever.

So tonight, I’m going bowling. Thank you for your time.

Nice hail storms today! And I spent the day outside.

Word to that.

i hit the snow-line today. ok, slushy mcfrost line. but still kind of fun.

I just came home from a friend’s house because they were going to a halloween party, but all the kids had to go bowling. I wasn’t really excited for it.

I’m at the bowling alley at least 3 days a week. Yay me.

Member when you worked there?

</Chris Farley>

I never really worked there… I was coaching and bowling and just helped out around the place. They told me they would pay me for it… but yeah, there’s a few grand I’ll never see.

The bowling never hapened.

I think bowling is a bad influence on today’s children. The insuflation of vodka is a much greater skillll to possses. es. essses. It makes you jthinks.

cosmic bowling owns…

do they give guns out at bowling, when you win… ohh sorry wrong sport. bowling is that thing with the ball and you have to knock those things down. Pins is that what there called…

Actually… cosmic bowling used to be good… when I was there. Now it’s just a bunch of lil kids running around and the same crappy music they used 4 years ago.

The cosmicness (or the “coefficient of cosmitude”, as some call it) is really irrelevant to me. It’s all about the bowling.