Bought a house, now looking for a roofer

Need some input on roofers in town, does anyone have any suggestions, or first had experience with specific local roofers, We just bought a house with a tar and gravel roof, want a roofer to take a hard look at it, see if any repairs need to be done prior to winter, and suggestions on roof replacement. thank you in advance

North Coast Roofing 250-627-9381

Ward Coley just finished some work on our house, framing, putting in new windows, etc. Before that he put a roof on a house just down the street from ours. It looks great too. He has reasonable rates and I can highly recommend him. Coley Contracting 250-624-1669.

My vote goes for Ward Coley as well. He did my roof. Great work, reasonable price.

My vote goes for Sheldon @ North Coast. He’ll give you an honest apprasial of the worthiness if the roof.

Sheldon for North Coast Roofing 250-627-9381 and Pat for Island Roofing 250-627-1614

Sheldon simply cannot be beat. Honest, fair, quick and clean. I’ve used him several times and he has exceeded my high expectations every time.

If you can’t wait for him Pat has a good name as well- I haven’t used him but have never heard of any complaints- quite a few compliments actually.

I haven’t used Ward either but he worked with Sheldon years ago and he was good then.

Call the previous owner’s insurance broker to get details on the roof. Did you have the house inspected before you bought it? That would be in the inspection report. The insurance details will also help your roofer know what to look for. Your insurance broker would also be able to refer their preferrede contractor/inspector to you, usually at a better rate than a phone call.

thank you all very helpful!!!