Boot up problems

This is kinda strange.  After I formatted my pc, put my programs back in.  Had Mcafee on but I took it off and put on AVG.  The problem is, is that when I boot up, my pc still reads the mcafee reg keys in msconfig, and is still booting up?  But no program, I try and de-select mcafee in msconfig, reboot, but it is still there.  I tried almost every reg cleaners, and it still has this problem.  My only guess is the Bios is screwed or maybe has been updated with microsoft update.  Any clues here?  Thanks if anyone has ideas.


I dont understand, why did u install it, now you want to diable it?

Why not task manager it and close it?
How often do you reboot your comp?
I leave my on 24/7, I hardly ever reboot

Some Macafee versions were buggers to remove. Reinstall it and select uninstall from the choices on the installation menu (install - repair - remove).
Put your msconfig back to normal first and click past any error messages.

[quote=“Cooking with Fire”]
  Any clues here?  Thanks if anyone has ideas.[/quote]

Install Linux:-)  I only have trouble with my PCs when they are running the MS infestation.  Windows blows:-)