Book Rental Service?

I was just thinking, my sister does A LOT of reading, easily spending over $1000 a year on books, most of which she reads and never touches again. Is there some sort of book rental store?

Like a video store, but for books. It would make things so much cheaper, it would be really profitable too seeing as books are fairly cheap and then the next person could get some enjoyment too after paying the rental fee. Why aren’t there places like this?

Uhh, I think it’s called a library?

Oh yeah, and funny thing, you can rent books for free there. OMG FREE?? NO WAY!!! … ault_e.htm

Why fishing?



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It’s a pretty old trolling question.  It’s been around for years, and I think it may have even been used on HTMF on a previous occasion.  Hence the posting of the fishing regulations (ie: no dynamite or barbed hooks when fishing!)

ThePodunkian spotted it!

Oh, and the failblog people were trolled too, since they seem to think it was a serious question!

Do I get a prize? Is it catch and release? Or can I keep it?

here’s where I got the original:

Ok, +1 for the successful troll, but -1 for the followup.

TV, be more funny!

You know what’s funny though, is I suspect if someone was to go look for government funding to open up a book lending store they would probably get the grant…

Not from this government.  It wants to outlaw “lending” of media.  ie: you don’t buy books, you buy a license to read it.

Bubba, don’t feel bad for being trolled.  It happens to all of us.  Ask BigThumb about how he trolled me on several occasions.

I didn’t even know what it was. So I don’t feel bad.

Who thinks up these things anyhow?

The internet has a long history :wink:  People were trolling on the internet before you were even born!

Heh, I’ll take that as a compliment. I feel old, it’s my birthday on thursday.  :astonished:

Happy Birthday, bubbasteve735! :smiley: 

Thanks Hitest.

I think I may just go to dinner tommorow. Maybe Sollys.

Hey Happy birthday to bubbasteve735, htmf’s favourite troll collector…

Hope you have a good day… :smiley:

Thanks everyone. 21 feels the same as 20.

And this, is my response to you.

You are welcome, bubbasteve735! :smiley:  Enjoy your dinner tonight! :sunglasses:

Happy Birthday bubbasteve735  Have fun at Sollys tonite