Bob Probert dead July 5, 2010

Bob Probert dies of a heart attack while boating with his family on Monday July 5, 2010. Love him or hate him, he was one hell of an enforcer. Rest in peace Bobby.

I don’t follow hockey but reading the wikipedia article on him was pretty interesting.  RIP 

So young he was and he sure was someone on skates which you did not wish to deal with. Rest in Peace and I hope you get some Scrimmages up there.

Hockeytown has lost one of it’s own.
Thanks for the memories.
Now i hope you’re at peace from the demons you’ve been fighting for years! RIP

He wasn’t much of a scorer though.
In my opinion, he would have been more at home in a boxing ring.


??? - For the job he was ** hired** to do, he was the most prolific scorer.   :neutral_face:

Detroit red wings 1987-1988 Games played 74, 29 goals, 23 assists, Penality minutes 398.

You tell me he didn’t deserve respect from the goalie.

He was a goon who taught himself to play the game.

Miss ya Bob.