Board Games

Although this may not be a summer-like topic, I’m interested to know how many of you play board games? In an age when we have video games, are board games becoming a thing of the past? Has anyone played “Settlers of Catan”? I hear it’s a pretty good game.

What’s the settlers game like?

I love Risk.

I will control Ukraine.

I dominated a game of risk last week.

ratrace is a pretty fun game… :smiley:

[quote=“MiG”]I love Risk.

I will control Ukraine.[/quote]

I enjoy risk too, almost as much as I enjoy monopoly.

I haven’t played it yet, but here’s the web site of the company that sells it.

Years ago I designed a board game called “Unemployment”. You went around a monopoly style board and when you passed EI (go space) you turned in two bingo chips to collect your pay. If you landed on one of 2 spots you picked up a JOB card and got a job that let you collect pay and gain chips instead (some were worse than EI!. The ‘properties’ were small buinesses and the groups could be put into ‘malls’ and earned revenue like rent in Monopoly.
It also had ‘buses’ instead of railways if you landed there you paid a small amount and next turn got off wherever you wanted on it’s route. You used them to avoid paying the other guy, or to buy unowned ones at the start.

There were more ways to lose a job than to get one, and there was an ‘election’ trigger. If you landed on it, there was a random election. The rules changed depending on the gov’t. IE if NDP one everyone lost their job right then. Taxes all went up. If someone ‘killed’ you out of the game the gov’t (instead of the ‘bank’) took 80% of your stuff away from the guy that killed you…
How you won changed too. If the gov’t was Tory, the guy with the most cash and businesses one. If it was Liberal you added cash, businesses and $100 per EI bingo chip. If it was NDP the guy with the most EI chips won.

Had some samples, but couldn’t get a distributor. Game even came in a pizza box with toons of Trudeau, Mulroney, Chretien, Joe Clark, Ed Broadbent and Audrey sitting at a table playing it and yelling at each other.

They said it was ‘too complicated’ for the average player…