Blonde Joke

Blonde Joke. It’s a bit long, but worth it. Funny.

I don’t get it. I’ll send it to my sister, maybe she can explain it to me.

Wow, after clicking through about ten links, like I was a hound following the elusive scent of high-grade free internet porn, I realized the joke was on me.

Normally blonde jokes aren’t my thing, but that one actually is really funny.

That’s because you’re blonde!

Great joke.

Well I want that half-hour of my life back.

I read all your replies and still fell for it…

touches Imagine


oh hakki
stop flirting with my pussy cat

Kinda reminds me of all those warez sites way back when before Bittorrent: you go to one of the sites, and all it had was links to other sites of links to other sites of links to other sites ad nauseum.

I wonder how many people you can get to link to this site. That should really make it fun.