Blockades impacting rail service

Time for Trudeau to actually do some work in our own Country. He and Horgan need to sit down with those involved with the Coastal Gas Link dispute and work out an amicable agreement. The blockage of rail service across the country is going to greatly impact ports on our coast. We could lose shipping contracts in Rupert to US West Coast ports if they can’t get containers to their customers in a timely manner. Farmers can’t get their grain to grain terminals. These Blockades affect many in different degrees across the country.

Democracy can be very inconvenient. I support the right of all Canadians to protest. We are lucky that we have the right here in Canada to protest and disagree with the government. Many countries do not enjoy the rights that we have. This will get sorted out. I think that government officials will be meeting with the First Nations protesters.

P.S. This is a time of escalating tensions and I am hopeful that this dispute will be resolved peacefully. Let us keep this discussion civil here on HTMF. So far, so good.

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I’m fully in agreement on the right to protest, my beef is more with the Provincial and Federal Governments and their lack of helping in this dispute.

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Democracy can also be confusing. It is not the PM’s or the Premiers job to tell the police what to do.
We just went through a major scandal where they made a law, suggested the AG use it and she bawled about being bullied until her face turned red and it almost cost them the election. I’m sure you too were outraged about that. You don’t want political interference regarding the law. Now many are bitching that’s exactly what they want.
The offended can file for an injunction, and the cops will enforce it. Some did, and the RCMP enforced it. And all this shit started.
Tell you who doesn’t need injunctions. The railways. All the lines are clearly marked as railway property, no tresspassing. And they have their own cops, used to be the meanest assholes around. We got shoved around, kicked and threatened just for walking down the tracks, climbing on railway cars parked at siding, etc when I was a kid. They could act without anyone’s permission. How’d that look re the shit hitting the fan? They don’t want to make things worse either.