Block Stock

I’m really surprised theres no pics of it… I wish my digi wasnt broken or else I would of.

There hopefully will be more concerts for local bands this summer, it’d be good to rock out alot this summer and not just Jams

Dude, you should check if it’s not too late to sign up as an opener band for MetalShop II.

We got offered a spot, if we wanted it… I, as well as Tim know the band members in Triple By pass, so it won’t be hard getting a 20-30 min set.

I’m a littlle suprised you don’t know who I am Tim, after all you DID want to shower with me just the other day.

haha ruthless

a 20-30 min set? we’re playing, along with two other bands and we all only get two songs each

that really doesnt narrow it down… :laughing:

Yeah thats pretty obvious!!! what more do you want… “I’m the one the burps all the time”

I thought that too, after I posted. :smiley:

It’s not all the time. Just when I have to exert myself physically…it’s how my body tells me that exercise is wrong.

haha! man i wanna open at metal shop can i get re-imbursed for my ticket if we do :stuck_out_tongue: hehe

I had to miss blockstock because my parents had to be dumb and go to some dinner with other dumb adults leaving me to babysit my little brother. i heard it sucked, but on a scale of 1-10, how was it?