Blanket donation

I have blankets and sheets I want to donate. Where do you suggest they are needed most? SPCA, Wildlife Shelter, or do we have a homeless shelter here?

The Anti Poverty Society has a free store in one of the low rentals near the BC housing office. They would be used by someone who needs them.

The animal shelters can always use stuff too.

I regularly drop off things at the Salvation Army.

How about giving them to The Paws and Claws folk or again the Anti Poverty People , Paws and Claws do not raise prices like Sally Ann does and they are Paws and Claws are user friendly .

Thanks for the suggestions. I never thought of Paws and Claws so I will definately bring some there. I always bring my clothes to the anti-poverty free store, I just wanted to spread it out. I used to do the Salvation Army but someone told me they had a very hard time donating there before, that they said they had too much stuff and would just end up throwing it away.
I have lots of blankets so I will give to P&C, SPCA, and the WL.

Good idea, spread the donation around. I have given blankets to the WL Shelter as they are always looking for some for beddings.