Black Rooster Roadhouse

Hello, I am from the Okanagan and I am planning a trip to Prince Rupert in September.  I was just wondering what the word on the street is about the Black Rooster Roadhouse. Is it a good place to stay. What about the Cafe? Any infomation would help.


ya its a nice place and great food… enjoy your stay here in our fine city…

I stayed there once, prior to moving here. Wonderful little place, albeit I, of course, speak only from my experience. Clean, friendly (but a bit far from downtown if you hate walking…). No downside/s, as far as I can tell…

The cafe? Not sure, mate. Hope this helps. :smile:

Not sure if you have seen this?

Welcome to HTMF, Bazzer! :smiley:

Welcome to HTMF Bazzer!

I highly recommend the Crest Hotel.

The Pioneer Hostel is a nice place to stay as well… and it’s closer to down town.

Who are you lazy bastards?? The Black Rooster is a five-minute walk downtown; just go up the street a bit and down Fulton and you’re at City Hall.

LOL, well without the graphic language I was kind of thinking the same thing.

The distance between the heart of downtown ie: city hall, restaurants etc, and the Black Rooster and Pioneer is probably about the same.

And really a five minute walk isn’t that hard on the cardio vascular system.

Only draw back to the Black Rooster is you have to pass by that apt block on Fulton and sixth which seems to be a rather hectic place considering all the police cars one sees there frequently…

Is that eyesore still attracting the “fun” crowd?  :unamused: When we were renting a house just off of Fulton years ago that was the one place you could be sure to get high just from walking past when the windows were open…

As for the walking bit, I walked ALL over town before we got a car,from Prince Rupert Blvd over to Pineridge and back,etc. Had a place on Atlin for a while and the only time I really cursed the walk back home was on those rare summer days we got into the 30’s! No better (or cheaper) exercise out there and unless it’s raining cats and dogs, it’s the best way to see what is happening around you and get the best views. Mind you I’m now living at the top of a very steep hill (with downtown at the bottom) and while I appreciate the fantastic views I get of the harbour here while heading down to shop, my legs are letting me know that I either need to do this daily or start popping the ibuprophen once I get home. I’m afraid the ‘flat years’ between Rupert and the Island are beginning to show!

Remember this is Rupert - it takes what?  20 minutes to walk from end to end, maybe 30 if you walk slow. 

That was my polite way of saying “I’d rather visitors or newcomers to Rupert stay in a nicer part of town, before they get turned away by seeing drunk children in the nearby park, run-down residential apartments across the street, and not-so-nice people roaming the streets at night.”

hey a quick jog is good for the cardio too you know!


Typical woman. Always expecting us guys to read between the lines! :confused:

Thanks for the responses so far everybody! So, The Black Rooster is located in a bad part of town? How bad could it be? Theres only 15,000 people that live in all of Prince Rupert.


Ah I wouldn’t call it a “bad” part of town, more of an entertaining part of town…

I’m with him-I’d have no problem walking up Fulton and around on 6th…there are places downtown by the cheaper hotels/motels that I’d rather not be walking downtown at night though!

Think you over estiamting how many people live in town it is more like 9,000-10,000 ppeople now. anyways i live in the area of the black rooster and it can be a bad neightbourhood but any neighbourhood can be the same way if you put drugs and alcohol in it.  but staying at the black rooster would be a good idea

According to the 2006 census, it was 12815.

I wouldn’t say the Black Rooster is in a “bad” part of town, as much as I’d say the Pioneer Hostel is in a “better” part of town.  But meh… a friend of mine runs the hostel, and it’s a nice place to stay.

40 minutes at a fast walk from Emanuelle to Pillsbury Pl.