Bird behaviour

Bird brain? I may have uncovered the genesis of the expression "birdbrain.A small flock of Oregon Juncoes consistently have been attacking my side view mirrors for the past week’Although the accumulation of feathers and guano is a bit of a pain its a very hilarious exercise.Is there an ornithologist or casual observer who has noted similar antics or have I discovered a sub-species of mentally challenged dicky-birds?

Nancy Golinia from the shelter might be able to answer that one - I’m curious now too!!

I’ve observed the same behaviour with a reddish-headed finch in Lillooet. My friend says it happens every year. It is quite hilarious to watch.

This is the same behaviour:

thanks for the info and the video.these are oregon juncos so it looks like that species may have an ego problem

My guess: It’s spring time and mating season is starting. They become a little more territorial. Maybe they see the reflection in the mirror as competition.

big thumb,i concur and by the way an apology awaits you inAnthro