looking for a second hand pair of Binoculars for my 91 yr. old mom…
she has moved into a Senior Home in Victoria and wants to see what’s happening in the park… :smile:
If you do have a small pair of light weight Binoculars please call me…thank you… 624-4900

I have a pair that just might be ideal for your mum. They’re small, light weight. The stats are Argus 8x40 C840, 360ft / 1000 yards (120 M / 1000 M) They’ve been in storage for a few years, but I think after a dusting, would be ideal. I will shoot you a pm.

Thanks…sent you a pm


Thanks…sent you a pm[/quote]

PS: Forgot to mention, they’re free!

[quote=“Cst. Ferman”]

Thanks…sent you a pm

PS: Forgot to mention, they’re free![/quote]

I am pleasantly surprised by your gratuity Cst. Ferman… the Binoculars are the perfect size and weight for mom. I guess today’s gift was meant to be…
Thanking you from my Mom and I…

Sorry for the location, but glad you were able to retrieve them. I had some things to do in town, and thought this to be the best way, as it was. I’m thrilled to make your day. There is a wheel at the top of the binoculars that is used to focus. I’m sure your mom will be watching that park for days, if not years! Have a great day! :smile:

what goes around comes around… and I believe your good Karma will announce itself very soon. I just told mom what you did and it made her cry…