Billy Talent II Vs. Three Days Grace One-X

Who’s better?

Being canadian bands who do you prefer?

I like Three Days Grace better

I dont really know but tragically hip is poison to my ears

I’d rather listen to Hedley than any of those mentioned already.

Who’s better?

Billy Talent II Vs. Three Days Grace One-X

Being canadian bands who do you prefer? [/quote]

Given the limited choice, I’d have to go with Three Days Grace.  As far as Canadian bands goes though, I prefer Sam Roberts, The Trews, Our Lady Peace, and yes The Tragically Hip.

Big Wreck was awesome when they were making music too.

Billy Talent even though I"m not fan of their new album. Whenever I hear Three Days Grace I want to jab my ears out. Even more so with Headly.

I Love Our lady Peace, Matthew Good, Moist, DAvid Usher, The Tragically him and others.

Billy Talent for sure,

But yeah Matt Good rocked!
and Moist - David User had a wicked Voice
I Mother Earth


Speaking of Our Lady Peace…
…and they just had to sing ‘Starseed’ while I was out back taking a piss… figures.

MGB… I found a retail copy of Beautiful Midnight in my car a little while ago.  I hadn’t listened to the entire album until then, and now that I have -> MGB is pretty damn good.

I’ve actually had the opportunity of seeing both bands in concert, Three Days Grace opened for Velvet Revolver and Billy Talent played Warped Tour last night.  Conclusion, Three Days Grace had no energy and were quite terrible, while Billy Talent were tight and could really pump the crowd up.  I actually got to meet the guys from Billy Talent at a 7-11 after the show.

I would love to see Billy Talent perform. Listening to their music reminds me of Kelowna, college, my old car and all the good times had with each. Maybe next time they end up in Edmonton, I’ll make the trip… RHCP is supposedly playing there in Sept, but I can’t find tickets.

I’ve got floor tickets to RHCP at GM Place.  And I’m writing this message as I’m packing for this years Warped Tour. Wakka wakka!

I saw OLP on my birthday here in Victoria. They are soo good live. And I’m going to see them in Edmonton later this week!!!

And I have tickets for Matthew Good here in Victoria for August 1st.

Jees, now I feel old.  I saw OLP a couple of times in the early 90’s ('94?) at the student centre at Memorial University in Newfoundland.

LOL, only in Canadian Rock and Roll can you run into a band at 7-11 after a show, now if it had been the States and one of the many testosterone rap groups out there, running into someone at a 7-11 would usually account for the nights crime stats!!! :imp: