Billy Bob's a Jerk

From CBC:

The overblown celebrity ego is a delicate and tender thing, one which requires its own set of rules for proper care and handling. In some cases, famous figures are like characters from the movie Gremlins, and must be fed very specific things and placed in controlled environments, lest they morph into some sort of crazed demon. In other cases, these fragile creatures have tempers that operate on a hair-trigger, and can go off with no warning when someone says the wrong thing. Billy Bob Thornton falls into this latter category.

This morning, Thornton paid a visit to the folks at CBC’s own Q. He was accompanied by his band, jangly country-rock crew the Boxmasters, who are opening for Willie Nelson on a string of tour dates; the radio appearance was intended to promote their upcoming Canadian shows and plug the group’s new album. Although the majority of listeners – and heck, people in general – are likely more familiar with Thornton’s acting and directing work than his recent swerve into honky-tonk music, the guy’s publicity team reportedly instructed the Q team not to ask any questions about the aforementioned celebrated Hollywood career, under any circumstances. (On air, Thornton referred to these unmentionables as “all that s***.”)

While trying to maintain a modicum of journalistic integrity, the Q producers complied… for the most part. In host Jian Ghomeshi’s intro, however, he understandably alluded to Thornton’s pre-Boxmasters background, slipping in a brief mention of how the drummer and singer was also an Oscar-winning actor and director. Seems that’s when Thornton quietly and crazily lost it.

Ghomeshi began the interview with a series of totally standard music-oriented questions: When did the band form? What have you learned from [tourmate] Willie Nelson? In response, Thornton offered terse variations on the phrase “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” When asked what kind of music he listened to as a kid, Thornton embarked on a completely nonsensical interlude involving an old monster magazine and an advertisement that offered a chance to send away for a build-your-own monster model.

Faced with a loose cannon, Ghomeshi persevered and – to his credit – managed not only to maintain his composure, but also to wrest control back from his petulant subject. When Thornton snapped, “Would you ask Tom Petty that?” after the host asked about early influences, Ghomeshi quickly fired back, “You’re angry because I mentioned you’re an actor.” What followed was a tense, uncomfortable conversation wherein the interviewer played pseudo-therapist to Thornton’s misunderstood artist. In the end, the actor-director-musician grudgingly offered a handful of pouty responses, but refused to perform a Boxmasters cut with his bandmates, claiming he’d left his drum kit at home. (Curiously, he’d been happy to play with the group during their soundcheck.)

Since the debacle, many entertainment news outlets have jumped to mention Thornton’s freakout. Some commenters have compared the incident to Joaquin Phoenix’s infamous appearance on Letterman. While I agree that there are parallels between the antagonistic attitudes of both figures, Thornton’s meltdown feels like far more of a conscious choice. His deliberate, sulky behaviour was reminiscent of a kindergarten bully who can’t get a rise out of his teacher. I’m sympathetic to Thornton’s desire to be taken seriously as a musician – nobody wants to be seen as the latest coming of Keanu Reeves fronting Dogstar – but he’d have much more success in that endeavour if he started acting like a reasonable adult.

–Sarah Liss

Here’s the video from QTV:

The one day I don’t listen to Q :frowning:

Screenshot from the communication with the control room screen:

“If this really goes sideways, I have new Neil, new Metric standing by.”

Like they had something ready to go if Billy Bob really freaked out.

Oh my God. I can’t believe that Billy Bob is an egotistical nutbar! :smiley:

Angelina Jolie (Pitt) keeps scrubbing but that ole Billy Bob Tattoo just won’t go away… :imp: … x328,0.jpg

As long as Billy Boob  is the drummer of this group I have no problems pirating their albums. Maybe they should do the Beatle thing and find themselves a new drummer.

Kudos to Jian for holding it together, and confronting BBT about his attitude.  Can you see the big brat rolling his eyes? 

BB’s a bit of an A__Hole for sure, but I didn’t find his responses really that extreme or out of character for him at least, I mean what did they expect? There was some reference during the interview about it being an early morning? I don’t know what time it was but it might simply be that Billy Bob is just 'not really a morning person"? LOL
It also seemed like the rest of the band members were more than just a little nervous about the interview as well, like perhaps they had some prior knowledge of his previous drug intake earlier that day or the night before? Or simply knew what kind of mood he was in?
At least Gomeshi responded like the true proffesional he is. At first, I think he was just hoping BB was just playing it up.

Perhaps he needed a hit of Angelinas’ blood    :imp:    In all seriousness though, he has always seemed to set himself apart from the “norm” and I suppose that is what keep us watching his movies…Unfortunately? I have never heard his band…

Wad he du?

I just listened to some snippets of their Christmas tunes (as that is all that’s available on iTunes), and something tells me that, where Billy Bob is the best known member of the band, I assume the rest of the band can do this with someone else.  Maybe it’ll be like Spinal Tap and Billy Bob will spontaneously combust.  Enter Ringo Starr…

Justin, check the YouTube clip at the top of the page. He just acts like a goof because the interviewer mentioned he was an actor, which Billy Bob didn’t want him to do.

It seems to me that the director was asked not to ask questions about BB’s acting career. All Jian did was mention the obvious in his intro that BB was best known for his acting. Prima dona!

  BB was a total asshole, gotta wonder what his drug of choice was that morning  :stuck_out_tongue: but Jian handled it so well and the look on one of the band members faces at one point was priceless… … ybob1.html

Billy, this is very good progress, you’ve researched something for us. Keep up the good work :astonished:

He’s an actor, he’s acting, he is a very good actor, Brittney cuts off her hair, shows her Box, thats what she does for attention, Brangelina adopts poor kids from 3rd world countries, get over it ,hes playin the disassociated rock star routine,dont put to much into this,Uncle Bobby B baby, Uncle Bobby B

Nah, Billy Bob new exactly what he was doing. The pouting, the “I don’t understands,” the weird reference to the monster magazine–he did that all as a direct result of Ghomeshi’s introduction that included a mention of his acting career.

Who’s BBT kidding–as Ghomeshi stated later, the reason that the Boxmasters is getting the kind of press they get after only two years from forming is directly related to the fact that Billy Bob is a member, and most actor/musicians would be gracious in acknowledging that fact.

Well it seems that things got too hot in the kitchen for Billy Bob and the Boxmasters, he’s cancelled ther rest of his opening acts for Willie Nelson…

Strange tha the cancelled the Montreal shows though, if he’s booed in Toronto he’d probably be cheered in Montreal…

cest la vie