'Big things' in store for Prince Rupert

From the CKNW website…

‘Big things’ in store for Prince Rupert
December, 02 - 4:00 PM

VICTORIA (CKNW/AM980) – Premier Gordon Campbell let slip today that a major investor is looking to spend what he calls “enormous amounts” of money on the port.

“I can’t tell you the name of the investor, but I can tell you that there is a lot of interest in China with regard to Prince Rupert and opening it up as a major gateway into British Columbia, into Canada, into the continent…it’s 30 hours closer to the Asian markets (than Vancouver).”

Campbell adds the un-named investor is urging the government to do more to expand the port. He’s hoping to convince Ottawa to get on board, saying Prince Rupert could become a major interchange for the entire continent in the next 20 years.

Let’s hope the news changes from “could become a major interchange for the continent,” to "will become."
The amount of new businesses in Prince Rupert is amazing and I’m happy for the new merchants. Prosperity to all!

The most frustrating thing about this kind of news for me is that although I really like Rupert and wish a bright future for the city, my family and I have decided to move to the East Coast to be closer to our aging parents and this is time since there seems to be lots of openings in our line of work.
So we need to sell our house and I have the feeling that the day after I sell it, the price of houses in town will sky rocket because of the confirmation of an announcement such as this one. I don’t know why but I have this feeling! :frowning:

Im about as hopeful as any other Rupertite, we will see if this investor is going to actually invest. Not just talk about it than leave the project immediately

According to Ralph Klein, quoted in the Globe and Mail, the Chinese company is oil giant Husky Energy Inc.: