Big Telecoms are Robbing us

So Rogers(the only carrier that works close to Mt. Hays) sent me their Christmas special offer. The offer they sent me actually gives me less data and costs more than what I currently have. I think I’m going to call them later today to ensure that I’m reading their offer correctly.
Do they actually think that we’re stupid?! (rhetorical question-haha)

So I signed up for the Public Mobile $34/month plan. It’s unlimited data, with the first 40GB being at 5G speeds, and anything over that will be throttled. Which is fine, since I rarely use more than 10GB per month.

Because I’ve been a customer for a long time, and have a few referrals, the actual cost to me is $21/month. And they’re still making money. Which is crazy.

I think you’re going to start seeing more “unlimited data” plans eventually. Just like when we had to pay for calls by the minute in the past, but these days it’s all just unlimited.

If only there was real competition in the telecom sector, then we’d have even better plans.

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Wow! Telus plan 15GB for $84 with own iPhone. Their Black Friday deal was 150GB for only $95
I seldom use over 2 or 3GB

still using my 10XR can’t find a reason to upgrade it.

Public Mobile is actually owned by Telus and uses the Telus / Bell towers. If you ever want a cheap plan, that’s the one to pick these days.

The downside is that there’s no support. So if you don’t know how to outline sim or activate an eSIM, you’re out of luck.

Oh, and if anybody wants to sign up for Public Mobile, my referral code is YM3R7Y. Put that in there when signing up and you’ll get a discount. I think like $10 or something.

I will keep that in mind, my contract is up soon. Same thing happened with Internet, they could not supply faster net at my address, and did not suggest an option as no sales rep even knew they also owned the cable company here.
When I called in to cancel they asked who I switched to and said “Mascon? that’s one of our companies. You get a discount!”…

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