BF1942 will not start up

So I’ve installed BF1942 onto my computer. its all good and dandy until I want to play it. When I push the shortcut or any other way of starting the game it will show this picture of a tank rolling over a helmet. Then after that happens the picture goes away and it seems like thats all it does. As if I never clicked the icon at all.

I’ve tried uninstalling that didn’t work

help please!

buy bf2 and that should clear right up.

what are your system spec’s? could be your vid card or the ram. thats were i run into probs go’s great till i try to play a game then bang no go. have to ask is it a full version or a rip? are you trying to use a no cd crack?

The problem is that the Battlefield series of games is so full of bugs there is no way to diagnose your problem from the few facts you’ve given us. I would suggest you go to the BF1942 forums and search for answers to your problems there. I guarantee you that someone there has had similar problems and has posted about it.

You may or may not find an answer there, but the odds of finding one here is pretty small indeed.

What Mike said.

Also, download the latest patches and install them. BFseries is extremely buggy. I had that problem a couple years ago, I think a no-cd patch ended up fixing it. The game generally took a while to load after that screen anyway…

Again, what are your system specs?

Installing fresh drivers may help you. Anyway BF2 is more better $)