Beware your Ryzen upgrade

Specifically DO NOT even think about using a Gigabyte B450 motherboard…
I used a B450M DS3H V2 in mine and a Ryzen 3600 over a year ago without the slightest problem.
A guy just used that board and a Ryzen5600G and it wouldn’t post. Checked it out most thoroughly, NFG. So he RMA’d both mobo and CPU and brought them to me as he’d lost all confidence that he might;ve mucked up.
Brought the new parts today and I set it up on the bench - same effing thing. No post.
No onboard video output - none with a video card. No beep with speaker added to mobo, even withe no RAM.
Got pissed off, tried the RAM and video card from my unit, still nothing. AS you can see I’m posting, they still work fine.
On amazon they claim the BIOS is updated to support the new Zen, but I’m sure they mean it can be if you start with an old CPU and then update it. Damned if I’ll pull mu CPU just to find out.
The likelihood of 2 mobos and CPUs being bad is about zero. I only RMA’d a handful in the 25 years I ran my shop. More likely that they’re just like every other outfit since Covid began happy just to mouth excuses and do nothing to solve customer problems.
He’ll be back to me with a 550 mobo of another brand soon. Gigabyte used to be solid. Like I said only a few ultracheap Asrocks and Foxcon board ever got returned!

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