Best free choices for anti-virus/ malware detection in 2019

As the topic title states I’m interested in your opinions about what you think are good choices for free anti-virus, malware detection programs.
In 2019 is Microsoft Windows Defender good enough to protect your PC?
I’m always on the lookout for new and improved ways to protect my Windows unit. I currently use Avast free, Superantispyware free and Malwarebytes free .
Any and all opinions are welcome. :slight_smile:

Yeah, Windows defender is fine. Just keep it updated.

These days you’re more likely to have malware ‘accidentally’ installed by websites anyway. Not likely to get viruses. And the line between spyware and malware is pretty loose.

A better idea is just to block all kinds of malware, tracking and crap like that using something like a pi-hole.

If you have a spare system (or even one that’s always on), you can install pi-hole and make it your DNS server. I used a Raspberry PI for one, but eventually just put it on a linux server that was always on for other stuff.

Mine blocks almost 20% of queries, for example, for all computers, operating systems, phones, etc, on my network:

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Thanks, MiG! The pi-hole utility looks intriguing. Awhile back I did have a static IP address when I had DSL. CityWest gave me DHCP with my cable modem. I’m not running any servers at home.
Are there any applications or browser plugins similar in function to pi-hole that I can install on my Windows laptop that’ll work with DHCP? It seems to me that pi-hole works best with a static IP.

I think the whole point is to run it on another system so it doesn’t eat resources on your laptop. Just found a project when my Raspberry Pi gets here…
The best free antivirus is already included with Windows. Can’t believe how everyone’s “fast new SSD” spins that blue circle for another 90 seconds until Avast fires up.
Or better yet how they want a better antivirus because when they phoned the number that popped up… yada yada

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Thanks Guys,

Uninstalled Avast. Updated Windows Defender, running a full scan. Will look at pi-hole.

If you don’t want to, or can’t, install pi-hole at home, you can just point your router’s DNS to one of these IPs:

It will be slower than having it on your own network, but you’ll still be protected from crapware and ads.

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