Best crest on the front of a hockey jersey

So while we watch the playoffs continue on through April and into May we got to wondering…

Which hockey jersey do you think has the best crest on the front.

If you don’t see your favourite listed name it below

Hmmm some serious homerism in the voting so far, while I don’t mind the Canucks logo, it isn’t in the same league as some of the classic looks of some of the original six or the 68 expansion teams… just my opinion though, let the voters declare… :smiley:

My preferences came down to Boston and Detroit, but in the end had to go with the Wings.  Go Wings!!

Yeah I’ve always liked the Wings logo though I find the Hawks one equally impressive

In terms of overall jersey appearance, I loved the '94 Canucks (in the home white, of course).

The Hartford Whalers I also found pleasing. Boston, too.

I liked the Canucks way way back in the seventies the blue and green with the V on the sides, Liked Hartford too for that same reason (minus the V) good use of the colour combination, the Hartford white jersey was a keeper (well as long as they kept a franchise I guess) :unamused:

My first thought when I read this was “have there been 68 expansion teams?”

California Golden Seals, Cleveland Barons, Minnesota North Stars, Kansas City Scouts, Colorado Rockies, Atlanta Flames, Hartford Whalers, Winnipeg Jets, Quebec Nordiques,  not to mention the Hamilton Tigers, Pittsburgh Pirates, Montreal Maroons, Quebec Bulldogs, New York Americans, the original Ottawa Senators, Philadelphia Falcons, St. Louis Eagles, Detroit Cougars and the Toronto St. Pats.

With the 30 we have now that brings us to at least 49 NHL teams so 68 isn’t that far off.

Poorly worded by me, though I suspect that Gary Bettman would love to see there be up to 68 expansion teams makes for a great pyramid scheme that perpetual expansion idea…

The NHL needs a relegation & promotion system for teams.  So that every year the worst 3 teams in the league are demoted to a lower league, and the best 3 teams of the lower league take their place.

Not a bad idea, though some of the AHL teams play in some God Awful rinks that probably don’t hold more than 5,000 people, so I don’t think that will happen any time soon. Though that would give places like Winnipeg, Quebec City and Hamilton, or Halifax a way into the NHL, all of them have large enough rinks, though some aren’t in the AHL at the moment.

I’d rather see them introduce a European Divsion, six teams from Europe that would be worked into the schedule, though the schedule should be reduced as well, maybe back down toward 70 or so.

My fave…


Me I prefer the red or the white one…

Rupert Rampage has the best logo!!

LOL now that’s a homer… :smiley:

some of the ahl teams have some great logos dont care much for the teams but ive thought of buying some of the jerseys just because they look cool.but my fav canuck jersey isnt made yet my fave would be with the johnny canuck logo right on the front such a cool logo :wink:

There was some talk before the whale appeared on the front that the old WHL logo would somehow get incorporated into the new uniform design. Guess they went with a different plan.

i voted the canucks logo…but there are so many jerseys that i like.once the reebok ones came out. i like the caps jersey for fave canucks jersey was the one i was given for xmas as a kid when they went to stanley finals in 82 the “V”.Also since the playoffs started you see everyone wearing the jerseys in the home cities.Watched the Penn state Pens/Flyers game.and i love the flyers jersey!i love that the teams bring back thier old the oilers jersey.See that and it just brings back memories of lovin watching the game as a kid and not hearing the trash talk cause your teams is not having a good year.ramblin i know.good thread started though! :wink:

they have shoulder patches of johnny but it would be better on the front i think

I personally like the Johnny Canuck logo, but at the last game I was at, there were quite a few parents in the gift shop that thought the logo was pretty scary.  That promptly made me decide to buy the scariest one.  lol

scary why wtf lol