Beginners Submission Grappling Tournament

North Coast Mixed Martial Arts and Stacked Sports present : Trial by Fire - a beginners no-gi submission grappling tournament at the North Coast Mixed Martial Arts (NCMMA) facility 174b 3rd ave east Prince Rupert BC,  July 24th at 12pm. The tournament is open to all beginner Jiujitsu, judo, wrestler or aspiring grapplers with 18 months experience or less.
There will be weight classes of 140 and under, 155, 170, 185, 200+ and open division. Their will also be an under 14 division.  Their will be medals for the winners and possibly prizes as well. To compete in the event costs $25 for your division or $40 to enter both your weight division and the open weight division. To watch will cost $5. Seating will be first come first serve. Weigh ins are at 10:00 am. If any division does not have enough competitors to be viable then we will merge them with the next division above. So say there is only one 170lber, then he would be moved into the 185 division. I will post a complete rule set in the next few days.

Anyone interested in being a sponsor, please call North Coast Mixed Martial Arts at 250 600 1706.

Waivers and early sign ups will be done at the NCMMA facility. Anyone under 18 must have a parents or Guardians signature for the waiver.

Looking forward to making Ruperts first grappling Tourney a big success!!
Kelly McMahon
Instructor NCMMA

Matches are 5 mins long and can be won by submission or points
Points are awarded as follows:
1 point for a takedown, 1 point for a dominate position, 1 point for a reversal, and 1 point for a good submission attempt.

Here is the official North Coast Mixed Martial Arts Facebook group with more info and a fine poster of the upcoming event.

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Nice now I can wear my cool tapout shirt

The tourney is moved back to Sept 25th due to myslef being late getting the ball rolling. I have been in contact with The Dungeon in Terrace, and will be speaking with the traditional jiujitsu club this week. I understand some others in Rupert are doing grappling training, and students from those clubs are welcome to enter as well. This will be a fun event and help to unite the grappling community in the north west.

Sadly the tournament has had to be moved back again, due to the club moving to a new location under the old Hollywood video. I am tentatively looking at a Nov- Dec date. The new place will be much more visible and is a bit more affordable as well as being bigger.