Before Buying a Dog

Are you willing to commit yourself to the dog for the duration of its lifetime? Dog care involves both time and money. Can you afford to take a dog to the vet? Do you have plans for your dog if you’re forced to relocate or you decide to start a family? Are you sure that you’ll still be able to care for your dog ten or even fifteen years down the line? Far too many dogs are given up each year by people who are no longer able to take care of them.

This information is courtesy of Dr. Tripp Stewart.

Welcome jazzzby to HTMF! :smiley:

Welcome jazzzby :smiley:  I wish people did think towards the future as they adopt a dog or worse a pup. Our shelters are full of surrendered pups and dogs that “owners” have cast aside as they have found them to be too "labor"intensive.  It is a priviledge to own a dog, not a status symbol as some are treated and they are a part of your family for hopefully a long, loving  and fun-filled time. Sometimes as I am even just driving around town, I cringe as I see the way some poor pups are treated by their so called owners . I have to hope for those animals sake that their fate would be a temporary home at the shelter as I know of some of the alternative outcomes and they would bring you to tears. Give other soon to be “parents” a chance to give them a truly great home that they so deserve .Thank you to all you responsible. loving pet owners out there :smiley: