Bed bug debunking for Rupert

Bed bugs, the apparent current topic de jour of local coffee shops and such around town received an examination on the CFTK TV evening news last night.

A story that featured the current concerns and provided for some hard background information, to go along with the anecdotal information and rumours that have been making the rounds of town of late.

(from the blog a town called podunk, click on the link below to see the entire item … upert.html)

I don’t recall anyone posting of an epidemic, only that they were found in clothing in a store in town and that customers should be cautious when purchasing used items as they are hard to rid yourself of .They can live on bedding and clothing and reproduce living off dandruff, and skin and other nasties and can remain in your home undetected except for bites that some can associate to fleas or spider mites etc. If as reported they were found in at least one home in Rupert, guaranteed they will be in others. Epidemic or not, I don’t think anyone wants them as tenants!