Bears in terrace

You know those bears they have all around terrace, i think we have a few to.
Some are all multi colored, i think they call them spirit bears.

Well there #$#)$*# ugly.

What about the Effeminate Lions of München?

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

The only one of those spirit bears I’ve seen that I liked was a Darth Vadar one. I saw a picture of it in a magazine. I’m not sure where it’s located though.


Darth Vadar Bear is located in Vancouver, downtown, near Robson Street…

Oh yeah I didn’t know we had bears in or near Rupert, or even Tear-ass for that matter  :unamused:

I think we only have 3 in Prince Rupert… there’s one for sure at the Crest, one at the Atlin Terminal, and another at BC Ferries.  There are 11 bears within Terrace and Kitimat.

I’ve seen them better displayed in other cities, ours are quite hidden from the everyday Joe’s view.  Most of the designs aren’t my cup of tea, but there are some that look pretty sweet.

Nazzy Bear

Darth Bear

Bat Bear

The Cub Reporter


Winning Gold

Crap… I’ll have to post more of my favourites later… it’s time for hockey practice! 

lmao        good pics

Anyone ever realize how many bears are in towns, cities now that they have started the electric fences at garbage dumps. Realistically, who were the bears bother at the dump? Now instead of forridging at the dumps they for ridge through people garbage cans in residential neighbourhoods. I have noticed that sighting in my town are more apparent with the utilization of electrical fences. Weird philosophy to me anyways!

The thing is the fence is a good idea when its a new location, if its not a new location and they electrify the area, the bears who have been raised there will go into town for an easy food. Prince Rupert has electrified the new dump to keep out the scavengers like bears, wolves and other animals that will become accustomed to humans. but bears cant smell an electrified fence, they smell what’s behind the fence from miles away. so the dump still attracts the bears, but again leave the area and into city limits. Just be glad your dump was not built with in the city like Prince Rupert was… what a joke that was.  And where it is now is much better. I like too hike in the area as do other people from Rupert, but the city has put up signs that say stay out electrified area 1/2 mile before the dump… fuckers want to impede my ability to hike and travel the island go to hell…