Bear/bear on Comox and in Trailer park

Have had several people tell me they have spotted a bear and cubs in the trailer park, on Comox Ave and on 9th by the Golf Course. I walk the dog four times a day and have started avoiding the darker forest areas. Because we have never experienced this before we have never taken our garbage in but he got our garbage out of the carport in a can last night, dragged it up to the back yard for his feast, rolled the can back down the street, took a dump in the neighbours yard and chased someone’s yappy dog, we live right on Comox. So now until this bear is caught and relocated we are bringing our garbage in but unless everyone in the area hears about this the bear/s will hang around. A friend witnessed someone chasing one of the cubs off his property yesterday. They are out and about during the day as well as night time. Hope they catch them soon and safely relocate them and not have to shoot them.

Wondering why the citizens were not told about the bear around the ferry/Anchor Inn last week? Perhaps it is the same bear, but who knows for sure. Guess not having the Daily News we are more in the dark about news in our community. :frowning:

There was a bear outside my basement suite in Summit area on Saturday late night to early morning!
Of course I called the RCMP(I don’t know the Conservation number)—Dispatch was really mad that I was contacting RCMP instead of conservation.
I of course had left my garbage in the bin outside and the bear got into and took the bags to the wooded area. Now this bear was really thrashing around outside my door to get at the garbage.
My husband works night shifts and he ran into a bear right outside our place around 430 this morning. (I am no longer keeping garbage outside now)—I learned my lesson!
I just thought to let everyone know to be careful!
I am new to this site, so hello everyone! :smile:


Wondering why the citizens were not told about the bear around the ferry/Anchor Inn last week? Perhaps it is the same bear, but who knows for sure. Guess not having the Daily News we are more in the dark about news in our community. :frowning:[/quote]

Not as in the dark as you might think

I have been told that they have set a trap in the trailer park. Hope they can catch and relocate.

Really? I heard on the scanner a few nights ago that they shot 1 bear located on atlin. Maybe there are a couple of bears in town.

I can confirm there was a bear destroyed on Alpine Drive Monday night.

I am sure there is more than 1 bear in town, but the live traps aren’t the solution everyone thinks they are. What has historically happened to bears captured in the live traps in Prince Rupert is the bears are taken to the dump where they are shot. There is no relocation or second chances for bears in this area.

I have only lived here a few years but this is the first year i have heard of bear problems in town. Have i just been unaware or are they in town this year for some unusual reason? Sad to hear they get shot but the one down on Comox has been feasting on garbage so unless he was relocated a long way away he would only return to the smorgsaboard.

There should be a bear-aware program whereby there is a public location provided with a TV set. On this TV set would be the bears in question being shot, all alone in the middle of a dump, because the animal was threatening people.

Maybe, the municipalities should make it mandatory to watch. Maybe people will get it through their thick f***ing heads not to leave their garbage out.

I have lived here for over 7 years. I don’t have a garage or a storage room. I have never heard of bear problems before our garbage was targeted and since then we have kept ours indoors. Most of the neighbours i have spoken with on my walks have heard nothing about the bear so their garbage is still outside (as well as many fish guts and pieces of salmon left by a charter guy). Their should be a way of educating the public but seeing as how this is a new problem as far as i am aware I can understand most people not being prepared. I don’t listen to the local radio but if they made an announcement perhaps some good citizen would pass word on for us here.

With the smell from the reduction plant reaching the top of Mt.Hayes , Iwouldnt be surprised if its attracting bears of all kinds from all over, it must smell so good to them, kind of like walking by someones house,when your really hungry,and whatever there cooking smells so good you can visulize it in your head lol.

I heard yesterday they put the bear down, it was seen at one of the children’s playground area. Did anyone else hear the same?

i heard that the town was originally built in a forest and it slowly grew bigger and took bears and wolves and deers homes and oh my god look at that theres wildlife in them thar hills