BC Liberals promising transportation upgrades for LNG

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Should the PNW LNG terminal move forward, the BC Liberals are promising major transportation upgrades in the Prince Rupert area, including creating road connections between Prince Rupert and neighbouring First Nation communities/the airport/LNG sites. In addition, the province is planning major upgrades for Highway 16 and Highway 37.

No specific details were given, but the minister said 1 Billion is being put aside for transportation upgrades related to LNG development.

Having a road connection to our own airport would be amazing! Connecting other first nation communities like Metlakatla and Port Simpson to Prince Rupert would also be huge for those communities…it would also have a positive effect on the Prince Rupert ceconomy.

Just another reason to support this project…provincial funding will be behind this region like never before.

think that is why Lax was getting land on both sides of the inlet so that a bridge could connect us to the mainland and then run a road from there down the peninsula towards Digby then another bridge connecting the peninsula to Digby