BC Liberals contemplate new name for party

News item:

theprovince.com/Leyne+Hansen … story.html

Well this should be entertaining, fire away folks offer up your best name the party suggestion!

•British Columbia Shysters Party - BC Chapter
•Sneaky Party of BC
•Knew Demokratik Party of British Kolumbia (To Capitalize on NDP Branding - Hey it might be their only chance!)
•Liberal Party of Railroading the Public Through Cicumvention of Democracy
•Pay Us to Scandal Party of British Columbia


New Social Credit Party

Just be honest.
Social Cretins.

Cross the floor to the Conservatives if Christy Clark is too “left” you dinosaurs!
Goddam Yankee neo-cons have half of Canada convinced ‘liberal’ is a dirty word.


Meh… the BC Liberals is currently being hijacked by the Social Credit and other right wingers like you since 1993. I guess we shall call it the Blue Disease.

I’m flattered…Your picture is hot.

Your picture is not. Ye olde geriatric dead cowboy. :wink: