BC Housing changing hands

Some people have expressed that they fear the subsidized housing will now only be available to aboriginal peoples. Does anyone have any info on this? Will the housing units be open to all who are in need of subsidized housing?


Not sure why the paper said it’s a Prince George Operator Makola Housings Head office is in Victoria.
They already have a fair number of other units in town and operated an office at the capital mall. BC Housing has contracted out the management/ caretaking and the admin to Makola. However BC housing is still funding their housing the application process will be the same as before. Policies at the BC Housing Property may differ from Makola’s other housing as well. The housing Makola already has is geared for first nations however their BC housing operations I would hope will be different. This change has taken a long time to occur such legalistical and polices such as that took time to work out I am sure. BC Housing as i said has simply contracted out the operation however they still own it. The down town Makola Office at capital mall will be closed and everything moved to Kootenay. A former BC Housing property caretaker whohas been working for Makola in Terrace will take over the lead position some time during February. All other positions of office staff and caretaking were posted as well.