BC getting "Family Day" Stat Holiday in February

BC is finally getting a stat holiday in February under the banner of “Family Day”.

Link - > theprovince.com/news/throne+ … drop_story

Yes, but not until 2013, just months before the next election!!

Oh piss moan productivity payroll costs expense entitlements waaaahhhh.
CC sure isn’t El Gordo, is she? This is good, the dinosaurs should all swarm to the new Conservatives where they belong.

Paying people not to work ? Dont we do that now ? EI , welfare ?
I think having a day off and someone paying me is a good thing.

That would be perfect if that happens. After they swarm there we can wait for the extinction event.

Clark said that why she is waiting until 2013 is to give employees time to adjust…

Like we need time to accept a long weekend… lol

I bet BC employers won’t be warm to the idea…

so ppl get 2 days off a week, holidays and they need an extra holiday to get paid for doing nothing to spend time with the family, righhhhhhhttttttttt, here is an idea lets get rid of one of the other holidays for this one