BC Gas prices


I was surfing around  and I found this site…Some gas in BC is 89.4 TODAY!!! almost 20 cents cheaper!

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Huh, as of today on Vancouver Island, we’re paying around the 1.049 price for a litre (cheaper at places like Superstore with their 7.5 cents back in coupons)…which makes me really wonder why places like Nelson have prices around the 1.139 range. WTF?

It’s the cost of shipping that gas.

When you fill up that 40,000 litre truck at the refinery in Prince George, driving it all the way across the bridge to the gas station adds 20c a litre.
In Vancouver the immigrant drivers who took over the trucking industry undercut everyone so bad they pay the refineries $8,000 a truck to drive it out to Abbotsford.

Either story is as believable as the crap that spills from the mouth of an oil company mouthpiece.

BTW I’ve been posting on that site for years. Check the forums, you’ve never seen so many idiots in your life. They dont believe a word an oil company says about prices, but global warming is all a lie, electric vehicles aren’t practical, the war wasn’t about oil, etc. etc. Been ragging some Albertans who believe that they have no right to dare charge the poor oil companies royalties, only communists would do that.

I just got back from PG. Rupert has the highest prices all the way through. Cheapest I found it was 105.9