BC Annual Dance Competition

I had a chance to take some photos during the dance competition today.
There’s some pretty good talent there. It’s the first time I’ve been and I’d have to say that I enjoyed watching.
Feel free to check out the shots I’ve posted on my photosite. www.flickr.com/zpaperboyz
I’ve put quite a few up.

Just took a look at your photosite.  You really captured some great shots of the dance competition!


  yes, awesome shots… too bad these kids will not see, just how you have captured their movement… very nice photoguy

Hey Photoguy, will you be taking photos at the year end recitals for our schools? 

I think there’s usually people recording the recitals, and selling the DVD’s.

I haven’t been invited so I’m guessing someone else will.

I don’t want a DVD… I can do that myself… I want photos of my girls onstage!  I didn’t get any last year, though I did get a good video.