Bbc tv


I see that some of you enjoy BBC TV, I also enjoy some BBC TV, So lets see what you watch…

I enjoy these Shows from BBC


The Sarah Jane Adventures Season



It Crowed season

And what about you [you]?


Red Dwarf, Although it’s not on anymore.  :cry:


What’s It crowed season about?  Is it a nature show?


the IT crowd about computer techs


good. My ex-mother-in-law moved back to Glasgow, I was afraid it was about her…


Coronation Street (excuse the spelling)


Green Wing
The Graham Norton Show


Aside from Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes, I’ve enjoyed-

Escape to the Country

Choas at the Castle

Hotel Inspector

Spooks (the first two series)

How Not to Decorate



red dwarf for me


Yeah, I’ve watched a lot of these for sure.

Some others (British, though not all BBC):

The Office
Top Gear
Secret Diary of a Call Girl
Midsomer Murders
Silent Witness
Red cap
Spooks (on season 4 right now!)
Gavin and Stacey
Peep Show