Battlefield 2

Anyone besides me on this forum playing this great game? 

My favourite maps are Strike on Karkand, Wake Island 2007 and any other maps containing a helicopter. 

It’s just sooooooo fun flying the heli!  Especially when you have a great gunner, who doesn’t miss the TV guided missile targeted at the opponent chopper in the distance. 
You can get really many frags in the MEC chopper as a gunner, man that cannon just EATS soldiers .

It’s very CPU intensive though, on 64 player maps (32vs32), my P4 2.6C can just about keep up, but it’s definitly playable. 

The sad thing about this game is that it requires intelligence by the players, and coordination within the team/squads. If the squadmembers don’t follow the squadleader and his commands, you don’t nearly have as much fun as you could, and you probably wouldn’t do very well in the game. The game is at its best when you’re in a squad with five of your close friends, all with headsets, and go out on “missions” , such as demolishing the other team’s artillery, UAV etc. Two medics, two special forces guys, one support guy and one assault guy.  Makes a perfect demolition squad! 

Seriously, this is the most enjoyable game I have played ever, I can’t remember any game that has this fun multiplayer. The downsides are the idiots… Those who teamkill just to get to the tank/helicopter/whatever first, and then just drive off without picking anyone up. In other words, non-teamplaying people… They really piss you off.  This is quite rare on serious servers though (hosted by for example, Bredbandsbolaget and has respectable serves too. (these are all swedish servers , gives me the best ping! (around 20-60)))

Guys tried it out yet? More than just an hour?

lmao … this game made my buy my pc.  3 years ago 2500 hun … i was hooked.    an 8800 gts oc bfg card later i’d say yeah it made a gamer out of me.    love this game won’t ever stop playin it.

BF2 has been around a long time and I used to play the hell out of it. I moved on to BF2142 just for something new and I play that a few times per week. Despite EA games generally being buggy as hell when they release, I’ve enjoyed the Battlefield franchise of games.

I got this game for sale
Brand NEW! never been used. i opend it to put on my computer but found out my computer cant handle all the juice  etc etc…

$open to offers$ got pic’s

15 Bucks  :smiley: