Barrett Point

Over the past couple of years we’ve seen access to Ridley Island and our waterfront restricted which has angered and disappointed many. The Port Authority had released a land use plan which suggested that Lelu Island would be looked at for future recreational space but with an LNG plant looking at that location it doesn’t seem likely that this island will be suitable for recreational use. It occurred to me that we have a beautiful area at Barrett Point that could be utilized as a park. The view from that location is amazing, after all it the military used that spot to get a good line of sight on any potential attack. There is also lots of space that does not appear to be earmarked for development. It may be possible to clean it up and secure the tunnels while having interpretive trails, a park, tables, etc. It would help to give us some badly needed recreational space, make the most of a key part of our history and could very well be a tourist attraction. It really is a shame that this space sits unused and it would be even more of a shame to waste an opportunity to capitalize on its existence. Fixing the space up a bit would create jobs for a period of time and give us something that we all crave… A place to enjoy a view of the ocean and relax. I’m not talking about restoring the site, just clean it up, secure hazardous areas and build a park around it.

I haven’t any idea so just posing the question, but doesn’t that area of land either belong to one of the Bands or the Port? Is an awesome idea though as we are losing so many of our beautiful trails. I was still hoping they would rejuvenate the Rushbrook trail as that could be an easier walk for people that have some difficulty with many of our other ones. Keep us posted should you find out !!

I believe the area belongs to the Port as they have had signage up in the area for years. It really makes sense to me to rejuvenate this area. Great view, lots of space, historical signfigance. It’s sat empty since the war ended in 1945 and is a great spot to place a recreational site.

Where is Barrett Point?

I believe it’s more commonly known as second fort. It’s situated near the rail overpass on the Ridley Island road overlooking the entrance to the harbour.

“¤ Barrett Point Battery
(1939 - 1945), Kaien Island
Three 6-inch MK12 guns on MK7 mounts were temporarily emplaced here until 1944, when three 6-inch MK24 guns, two on MK6 mounts and one on a MK5 mount, were emplaced. A 6-pounder Hotchkiss gun was also here, as well as two 40mm Bofors AA guns and two searchlight positions. The battery observation post, plotting room, and magazines still exist, but overgrown with vegetation. At least one searchlight structure still exists, located on the water side of the railroad in front of the battery site. The ruins of the Fire Command post still exist, located on the landward side of the railroad.” … tml#rupert … e%20Rupert

Is a no go zone sorry! Its the point for the new access road from the container port to Ridley Island. It sucks but should take the container traffic out of the downtown core. Saves the roads!

I’ve heard this idea floated by at least a half a dozen people over the years. The problem isn’t in the thinking, it’s in the doing.

Absolutely! The Port has promised to take a look at recreational development and this seems like a logical place. Lots of area for picnic tables, trails, grassy areas, a playground, etc. Perhaps a little bit of open amd public discussion will help to move this from the thinking to the doing stage.

Increased public access and loss of any potential economic return from Port lands, seems to be in direct conflict with the direction the Port has been heading lately…

“3. The PRPA acknowledges that there are recreational and public issues that require consideration. Safe and secure Port operations remain paramount objectives of the PRPA. While efficient and safe operations of the Port are important, the PRPA also recognizes that the public has an on-going interest in some of the recreational attributes, particularly of Ridley Island. Although the safe operations of Port facilities cannot be compromised the PRPA will give consideration to:
 Working with a community liaison committee to identify recreational areas in and around the Prince Rupert area to identify suitable areas or initiatives to enhance public recreation opportunities;
 Whether it is feasible for the PRPA to assist in public recreational improvements to Diana Lake near Port Edward (approximately 16 km east of Prince Rupert on Highway 16);
 The overall feasibility of extending the waterfront walkway; and
 Potential for creation of a viewing or observation/interpretive area(s) to communicate the importance of
Port activities and facilities.”

Development at Barrett Point would provide an area for a viewing or observation platform, as highlighted in the last point, and allow for viewing of operations in the area. It would also be outside of the current industrial areas and allow for safe operations.

The 2020 land use plan does not indicate that this area is subject to any development. See map on page 49. … t-plan/pdf

They are not building a road, it got cancelled from what I heard…

Sorry road building is in progress I drive by it everyday on the way to work. Its just before the Bridge on the right as you head out to the Grain or RTI or any of the other employment places.

I see no reason why they couldn’t us a different access point. Sure, their currently using the traditional entrance for construction of the road/ail corridor, but there’s plenty of space for an alternate access point.

Container truck traffic will continue to drive through downtown Prince Rupert after the Ridley Corridor project is completed. The road you see being constructed is specifically designed as an access road for the maimtenance and support of the extra rail lines being put in.