Bard too bawdy for Nashville parents

I’ll bet all these kids are watching Spartacus on cable:

Toronto’s Classical Theatre Project has discovered that Shakespeare is a little too bawdy for some parents in the city of Nashville, Tenn.

The company, which has performed productions of Twelfth Night, Macbeth and Oedipus Rex to more than 100,000 Ontario high school students, is in the country music capital this week to perform Romeo and Juliet.

Artistic director David Galpern says he was astonished by the reaction of some teachers and parents who saw the production Sunday night, when it was in dress rehearsal.

“They came to us with what appeared to be a list of objectionable moments that they wanted us to tone down before the students came on Monday,” he told CBC News on Tuesday.

CBC News

And again, banning the dictionary:

A Southern California school board has pulled the Merriam-Webster dictionary off its shelves after a parent complained about the entry “oral sex.â€

Crazy is right. And stoopid.

Oh - that is precious!!

Nothing - I repeat Nothing - will do more for attracting teenagers to Shakespeare than this sort of opposition.

You know…forbidden fruit and all that.

I look forward to a resurgence of the Shakespearean popularity!

Hey, anything that gets the kids reading Shakespeare is a good thing.  :-)

What’s done is done … -done-done