LOL.  How many times have u been banned here?  Mine is 3 times.  I have calmed down every since.  Hey I got over 500 post now  :smile:


But I’m not a bitch :smiley:

Edit:  unless I’m playing softball

I pretty much get it dry every time i put something up…the irony of getting it dry in rupert is gold! 

ive never been banned…from any message board

is there a point system here…like a certain number of points and your out or do they just ban you???

NAH, I was kinda bad last year.  LOL.  We all go off the deap end, but its all good now.

Lil Jon

Nope, not yet.  I try to keep it civil…mostly… :smiley:  I sometimes lose it, but, try to control myself.  No one is perfect.

I believe this is what is now known as the Zidane defence, if I’m not mistaken!  :laughing:

Ahh yes, the Headbutt heard 'round the world.

LOL, well-said! :smiley:

You’re such a rebel without a cause.  I wouldn’t want to run into you in a dark back alley.

never, why be cocky n’ stuff on a message board when you can do it playing sports.

I was never banned. But I’ve had usernames deleted due to inactivity

lol…i didnt know they could do that

[glow=red,2,300]WE CAN DO ANYTHING! [/glow]