Banks blocking VPNs

Banks are blocking VPNs. Why make banking less secure?! I guess they want to track our IP addresses. Meh.

These days a lot of the fraud detection is based on a bunch of rules, or even machine-learning. One of those is your geolocation. When you login using a VPN, your IP is seen as being from another geographic location. So you get blocked until you prove it’s you, usually with a second factor authentication.

It’s annoying as heck, but I get why they do it.

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That makes sense. BMO has blocked VPNs for a while. CIBC just started blocking me a week ago. Agreed. It’s a bit annoying.

Do you get a message? Are you using a well-known VPN?

I use my own hosted wireguard, and CIBC seems to work ok. My IP is in Toronto.

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I’m using NordVPn, quite well known. I get an error message #0001. My IP is in Vancouver usually. I’ll dig deeper into this and call CIBC and see what’s what.

I had a nice chat with a CIBC representative this morning. I asked if CIBC is blocking VPNs. He confirmed that CIBC started blocking VPN access on June 9th. I can log-in just fine to my account if my VPN is not activated.