Band Seeks Garage!

I’m interested in perhaps renting some space somewhere where an amateur and talentless and obnoxiously loud band could jam and pratice. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

Relatedly, does anyone have any experience or advise on soundproofing? That is to say, is effectively soundproofing a room against bass drums and amplifiers that go up to 11 too prohibitively expensive for me to even consider it?

Underground concrete basement? Anyone?

The bass drum is the killer… I understand that it’s a lot harder to keep out lower frequencies, and this is the one that’s gotten us shutdown in the past.

Anyone know of any houses that are available to rent with an underground basement? Some quick Google research tells me that this would be the cheapest and easiest environment to soundproof.

lol eese

Paying per-session or by the month in real cash dollars!

Interested parties can contact

Hey Eso,

Do you know of any other local bands looking for rehearsal space?

If a half decent commercial space could be found for a reasonable price and used for rehearsal for local artists/musicians some sort of co-op could be set up where everyone chips in for monthly rent and utilities.

It’d be great to create a space where people could go to create music and be as loud as they need to be, or where others looking for fellow musicians to jam with can be found.

Although I’m currently jamming with a drummer and guitarist, i’m still looking for a more aggressive punk oriented project.


Anyone know how much it is to list a little ad in the classifieds of the Daily Snooze? Couple of bucks/week or so?

Eso, The prices For a classified in the daily news are in the classified section if u get the paper check it out!


Were tryin to get this place twice a week for 25$ a head per month.
If your interested let me know

Sure, interested.

What place?

[quote=“yngwie_69”]Were tryin to get this place twice a week for 25$ a head per month.
If your interested let me know[/quote]

also how’d that work for other bands, like 2 bands? once a week 4 times a month for 25$? thats not bad

Maybe talk to Brian Miller? He had to sound proof his basement to make it into a recording studio: Sherbrooke Sound.

yeah i do have to talk to him, need my intanation on my geetar fixed, was all liqoured up on sat and bs’ed with him about it

Come to terrace and jam in the band shelter :stuck_out_tongue:
there is power plugs all over the place, just make sure you can pack up and run if the popo’s are comin.

Terrace? thats worse the Rupert :stuck_out_tongue:

Brian Miller’s house is fun and sweet