I was a badass in '94.

It’s hard not to be badass when you’re 4.

I could have kicked his ass back then.

3 for most of that year, like, okay. Get your terms straight, gosh.

how old are you like twelveteen?


ahaha this girl said that to me once when she was drunk and she was serious. Made quite the ass of herself.

Just said, “no,” or that she wasn’t twelve? I don’t get it. I’m not 12, man.

I used to be twelve.

Used to be twelve, in the future?

Dude, she asked him if he was twelveteen. Dont you ever have drunken conversations with people?

No, not often.

I didn’t understand what he was trying to say because when he posted this:

I wasn’t sure if he replying to me or what “that” was. I get it now, though.