Bad parking at Advance polls- 227 1st Avenue

Just great but the election staff have all the parking in front of the site, off limits to the voters,piss poor parking there.

There’s parking adjacent to Mariner’s Park and around the corner at the Atlin Terminal. You can burn off some calories prior to Thanksgiving.

Thanks for that but it is staff that is being paid,that should be parking there!

Piss poor location anyway : in the past locations were down town at least the times I used advance polls

Really? Complaining about parking? How about you use your right to vote, then go grab a coffee at Cow Bay and dry off ! Geeesh !

Isn’t it refreshing that saltybear is complaining about something else for a change?

its allways sumthin

The advance poll location would have been much better if there were a volunteer fire department.


I voted this afternoon and no trouble parking in front, several open spaces. Good to see a steady flow of voters while I was there and worker said about 450 yesterday and looks like as many today. Hope this is an indication of voter turnout come Election Day.

I also voted this afternoon and parked right in front lots of space then, think the sign that says Parking for Elections Canada, just means those coming in to vote and not general parking