Bad Luck / No Luck at all

If Joe did not have bad luck he would have none at all , Joe from the King Koin just lost his house on PR. Blvd to fire around five o’clock. He and his mother seem to be alright , thanks to someone who came into the RainBow market demanding a 911 call. Joe does not need any more shit happening to him .

I was told that it started in the garage and ran to the house.

Yeah that’s really sad but glad they’re all okay. Our kids were heading up to the store when they seen the fire in the garage and ran into the store to get them to call the fire dept. but I think they were already on the way by then.

Well , let me thank your kids for being fast on their feet and maybe saving such a person like Joe and family . Joe has had too much bad luck as of late but he is like an old Timex and he will not stop.